Baked Buttermilk Donuts

Today, in the kitchen test out your baking skills with this relatively straightforward and fun dessert recipe. Perfect for “Treat Days” (we don’t call them cheat days because it’s nothing to be ashamed of!) When you get a sensation or craving it is good to understand what the body is craving and why. That makes it easier to adjust your food intake and diet to fit into your fitness goals. You are less likely to go on a binge or feel guilty when you indulge in a treat (avoid using the word “cheat”) and acknowledge that you are listening and not shaming your body. Substitute negative language surrounding food and health and put a positive spin on your wording. It will help with taking the work and unpleasantries out of fitness and you will reach your health goals more quickly because it will become a lifestyle.

Cooking and baking are such great ways to get creative and increase your vibe! Cooking releases endorphins in our brain that enhances mood

  • The pleasant smell activates the olfactory sense and sends neural signals to fire in the brain
  • Using your hands helps keep the motor system sharp and working
  • Creating something yourselves increases energy and elevates your vibe, helping you to have a more positive outlook
  • Cooking is a great way to get out of a funk or low vibrating mood. Even just watching cooking videos can begin to stimulate visual creativity centers in the brain and elevate mood

It’s a fun recipe for kitchen witches, project bakers, or cooking with the kids. This dessert recipe makes 15 donuts.

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