Freestyle in Style: The Look Book

Now you must have heard of the saying “dress to impress” the same rules apply when freestyling. It can be difficult to keep up with the latest fashion trends, so look books and fashion blogs are a great accessory to utilize. Your looks will catch the eyes of the room, but you need to develop the proper mindset to be able to hold a short conversation. Do not worry if you “blow it” the first few times you attempt to freestyle. Remember, you are the prize so if someone can’t see that then it’s their loss! Freestyling takes patience and practice because you can’t rush the Universe. Keep your vibe high and continue to persevere until you get what you are looking for. Here are some examples of styles and aesthetics that you can emulate. I have also included a list of websites and stores that have cute clothes and are budget friendly on the members page.




Classy and polished. A nice pencil skirt with a modern blouse is a great outfit to throw together for a night of freestyling at a hotel bar/lounge. Pair it with some classy pumps and you’ve got yourself a showstopper.




Dresses work well to enhance your femininity. Red is a color that has been scientifically researched in arousing men. I like to wear red on all my first dates, and you can pick up some nice showstopping outfits in red as well.




Quirky and Fun. If you have a fun or quirky personality, you can wear bright colors or patterns. Just make sure it is worn and done in a tasteful way. You do not want to come across as childish or tacky. Try to find things that show your fun personality side without looking clownish.




Feminine meets Masculine Energy. Dresses are great during the summer and warmer months but if you live in an area that is cold, you can still embrace your femininity with winter luxury clothing. Pantsuits, rompers, tailored pants, high waisted, slim fitted, wide leg—you have many options. With these you can pair with flats or pointed pumps to complete your outfit. I love adding fur jackets for an extra luxurious feel. This is also a great option for women who do not like wearing dresses or other feminine clothing because it is a nice in-between that men find attractive.

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