The Ultimate Affirmation List For Positive Life Outcomes

Manifesting: Daily Affirmations

Remember that manifesting is all about keeping your mindset in the present tense. When putting together your affirmation list, try to refrain from using affirmations that contain language of the future. Keep things in the present tense to inspire yourself and help you to realize that all your desires are here now (not in the far away future). It is also helpful to visualize your goals while reciting these positive words from your affirmation list. I like to draw a color bubble bath to enhance my mood and put myself into a positive state of mind. Check out the e-store for some all natural color bath bomb.

✨ Affirmation List for Romance and Love ✨
• I open my heart to give and receive love
• My life is amazing; I attract love wherever I go
• I only surround myself with people who bring out the best in me
• I LOVE and accept who I am
• I am worthy of receiving and experiencing real love
• I only attract people worthy of my love
• The Universe surrounds me with loving and supportive relationships
• I am open to relationships that make me feel safe and secure
• If it is not a healthy relationship, it is not for me
• I do not need to feel uneasy or rushed by society’s standards
• I release all unhealthy relationships because I know my worth
• Negative people have no place in my life because my energy is precious
• I am the object of my partner’s desire and I am respected and cared for
• I am open to the Universe’s surprises and find love in everything I encounter
• I only attract relationships that add value to my life
• I vibrate and radiate love and I am open to love’s frequency
✨ Affirmation List to Increase Vibrational State ✨
All the mantras and affirmations listed in this article will help to increase
vibrational state daily. If you are trying to increase your vibe for a spell, the
following affirmations are effective in helping you achieve that. When you
begin to feel the positive emotions, you can then begin your spell, manifesting,
or meditation session.
• I let go of the negative blockages in my life
• I can overcome all obstacles in my path
• I have everything I need to design the life I want
• I am accepting of who I am, inside and out
• I leave old habits behind as I embody new and more positive ones
• I am an exceptional human being, and nothing can change that
• I am connected to something larger beyond my scope of understanding
• I am kind to myself to unleash my full powers and the powers of the Universe
• I possess the power to change and enhance my life
• I am filled with energy and I am channeling it towards my desires
• My mind, my body, and my spirit are healthy, and I am so grateful
• I am a source of eternal inspiration, enthusiasm, and success
• My journey is more important than the destination, so I keep a positive mindset
• I embrace things that force me to step out of my comfort zone
• I am an energy source of connection to my manifestations
• I always make time for relaxation and leisure
• I put forth the effort to receive the entire experience
✨ Affirmation List for Motivation and Success Outcomes ✨
• I trust my intuition and never second guess myself
• I am capable of accomplishing my goals and desires
• I make things happen for myself on a daily basis
• When I challenge myself, my best work is produced
• I am a fearless fighter, and nothing can shake me
• I create the life I want because I am powerful and I can
• I go after what I deserve because I am worthy
• The potential I have within defies logic
• I take advantage of all the opportunities the Universe makes available for me
• Everything I need to generate success and prosperity resides within me
• My time is valuable and should be treated with the utmost care because I know my worth
• Success and money are constantly being attracted to me
• I am open to more wealth and money from unexpected sources
• I am naturally a source of wealth and attract success in all my endeavors
• Miracles occur for me on a regular basis
✨ Affirmation List When Feeling Lonely/Afraid ✨
• I am surrounded by high vibrating people that love me and want to see me succeed
• I am calm, confident, and powerful
• Nothing can shake or intimidate me because I am not afraid
• I have value and feel free because I am
• I believe in my abilities because I am capable
• I embrace every challenge that comes my way and see it as an opportunity for growth
• I can conquer anything because I am successful
• My support system is phenomenal
• My community and relationships are healthy and develop organically and naturally
• Loneliness is a temporary state of mind
• I put my trust into the Universe, and I am trusting of the process
• This feeling is temporary and will pass
• I am my own source of happiness and content
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